Speakers: Kim Anne Hiorth and Therese Lutnæs

Speakers: Kim Anne Hiorth and Therese Lutnæs

Superintendents Kim Anne Hiorth and Therese Lutnæs of the Olso Police District will be doing a presentation on pioneer work among the female minority population in Oslo, Norway

Police Superintendents Kim Anne Hiorth and Therese Lutnæs are working as minority/diversity contacts for the female minority population in Oslo, Norway. Their pioneer work is getting   international attention, and they have been presenting their work in several countries around the world.

Kim has worked in the Police Force for 28 years and Therese for 18 years. They have both worked within a variety of demanding fields along the years. 

As minority/diversity contacts with a main focus on the minority women, both in and outside religious, collectivistic and honour environments, they are trying to prevent and avert domestic violence, negative social control, female genitalia mutilations, honour crime/honour killings, forced marriages, radicalization and violent extremism. In order to do this kind of important and crucial work, it is of essence to create good and lasting relations and build trust that prevails.

Kim and Therese experience the great importance of empowering minority females by strengthening their self esteem, giving them insight about their legal rights/civil rights, gender equality, knowledge and tools to live their lives in best possible ways, both for themselves and their families.


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