Speaker: Kateryna Pavlichenko

Speaker: Kateryna Pavlichenko

Kateryna Pavlichenko is the Chair of the Ukrainian Association of Women Law Enforcement and will be speaking at this year’s IAWP conference.

Kateryna is a young and ambitious Ukrainian woman with degrees in law and in economics. She worked as a lawyer and as chief state tax inspector. However, Kateryna always had a dream to benefit the country. In 2015, the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOIA) started to reform the old Soviet militia into the new National Police in order to change the militarized mentality of the existing police force into a more service-oriented approach. The first stage of police reform included the establishment of a new Patrol Police, which provided an opportunity for Kateryna to implement her dreams. Kateryna did not tell her parents about the decision she made and shared it only with close friends. In 2015, Kateryna joined the new Police service and by 2016 had been promoted to the position of Deputy Chief of Patrol Police. Her rapid promotion is considered a natural result of her dedication and hard work as a Patrol Police leader. In addition to her basic responsibilities, she devoted her time to the establishment of the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement (UAWLE). In 2017, she led the working group that founded the UAWLE together with other women in law enforcement. The mission of the UAWLE is to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and men within law enforcement in Ukraine. Kateryna, together with her associates, wants to change Ukrainian society stereotypes by demonstrating their passions.


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