Speaker: Olena Volobueva

Speaker: Olena Volobueva

IAWP 2018 is very honoured to present Olena Volobueva, the Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement.

Olena Volobueva is currently Personnel Development (HR) Deputy Rector of the National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, named after Bohdan Khmelnitsky (NA of the SBGS of Ukraine); Doctor of Sciences in Psychology, Professor of Psychology and the Head of the Specialized Scientific Council in Psychology of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. She has 28 years of lecturing and teaching and 23 years of research at the NA of the SBGS of Ukraine. The principle factors for Volobueva on the long path of professional development from lieutenant to colonel have been hard-working, responsible, and well-organized service activity and a healthy life style.

Volobueva is the author of more than 130 scientific works including 1 monograph, 8 textbooks and 115 scientific articles on the various aspects of the professional training of the personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. She is also responsible for gender policy implementation at that Academy.

Being a member of the Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement (UAWLE) and IAWP, she helps her colleagues to get ahead in the law enforcement environment without compromising their values and ideas. She offers supportive advice to her female and male colleges at any stage of their career, particularly from the first job (including the cadets after having passed the entrance examinations to the academy) to top executive (including the colonels) on the grounds of the specific strategies aimed at empowering them and creating opportunities for others.


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