Paul Brandt Helps Fight Human Trafficking

Paul Brandt Helps Fight Human Trafficking

Paul Brandt, in association with the Calgary International Airport, is working to fight human trafficking as part of Brandt’s #NotInMyCity campaign.

#NotInMyCity messages will be displayed throughout the airport to help raise awareness among members of the public. The Calgary Airport will also continue to train their staff and volunteers to identify possible victims of human trafficking.

With the high volume of people who go through the airport, it is an ideal place to bring about awareness. White hat volunteers, cowboy hat clad greeters, work not only to ensure you make it to your flight on time but to also keep an eye out for individuals in distress. This year the Calgary Police Service has identified 10 individuals under the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act program.

Brandt is happy to see the organizations come together and will be working next to bring out other strategies, including working with indigenous populations who are at high risk.

See Paul Brandt perform at the Awards Ceremony for IAWP 2018!

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