Leading Change: Breakfast with a Cop

Leading Change: Breakfast with a Cop

The Dunkirk Police Department has a new community outreach effort called “Breakfast with a Cop”.

The goal of the program is to celebrate positive behaviours in youth by taking out the “Student of the Month” for a special ride along with officers. The students are treated to a breakfast at Tim Hortons filled with donuts and conversation. The student is then treated to a ride around the city in the front of the patrol car where the student can sound the sirens and experience the front of a police vehicle first-hand.

Officer Thomas Rozumalski launched the “Breakfast with a Cop” program with the hopes of connecting officers with youth in the community and helping build positive encounters with the service and its officers.

“I’d always rather see them like this than see them in the back of a police car when it’s too late and a problem is already gone too far and we have to get involved that way.” – Thomas Rozumalski, an officer of the Dunkirk Police Department.

One of the students chosen, Josiah, was a “frequent flyer” in the principle’s office but after changing his ways Josiah has been rewarded for his efforts and may have left with a future career aspiration.

“I just wanted to become a new officer and I actually look forward to doing some justice around the world,” Josiah, Student of the Month.

Info: https://www.wgrz.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/daybreak/dunkirk-police-connect-with-kids-over-breakfast-with-a-cop/71-556951922

Image: http://www.dunkirkpolice.com/dunkirk-police-introduces-breakfast-with-a-cop-program/


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