One-of-a-kind IAWP Souvenir

One-of-a-kind IAWP Souvenir

There’s no better way to commemorate your time at the 2018 IAWP conference than by pre-ordering an IAWP belt buckle in honour of Calgary’s Western flare.

The IAWP 2018 buckle features the conference logo and is handmade by Buckle-On in Calgary.  Buckle-On is owned and operated by two Calgary-raised women whose goal is to “continue creating original designs and adding a little fun to the style of those who wear our buckles”. They have grown in the eight years since they first started their local business and will be hosting a booth at the IAWP conference where you can view all their unique designs.

Your official IAWP 2018 belt buckle can be pre-ordered and picked up at the Buckle-On booth at the conference.

Pre-Order here: Buckle-On



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