Coffee With a Cop

Coffee With a Cop

Coffee With a Cop is a program designed to break down barriers between communities and their local police service.

By having coffee in a neutral location, the public is allowed the opportunity to have a real conversation with officers about issues that matter to them. This helps to build trust with the community and helps form relationships and mutual goals with the citizens whom our officers serve.

First started in 2011 in Hawthorne, California, the program has now hosted over 10,000 events worldwide. The program has also expanded outside the United States to Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. At the Calgary Police Service, we not only hold the event on National Coffee With A Cop Day (March 16) but host an event every month as well.

Community policing is a vital part of serving the public and events such as these allow for interaction in a crisis-free and relaxed environment.

Keep an eye out for the event date in August for a chance to attend while in Calgary for IAWP 2018.

For more info please visit: Coffee With A Cop




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