Paul Brandt: #NotInMyCity

Paul Brandt: #NotInMyCity

Paul Brandt is one of the most well-known Canadian country music singers in history, winning awards such as 16 CCMA awards, 8 Juno awards, GMA awards, and a YouTube Rewind award. Brandt is also inducted into both the Western Canada Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. Brandt considers Calgary to be his home and will have a special treat for all attendees of IAWP 2018 in Calgary when he comes to sing at the Awards Ceremony on August 26, 2018!

Brandt will also be speaking about his powerful initiative, #notinmycity, which fights Human Trafficking both in Calgary and around the world. Trafficking is known to be present at large sporting and entertainment events, including the Calgary Stampede, and these events are specifically targeted by human traffickers. The #notinmycity campaign works to raise community awareness, spotlight resources, and educate the community on how to fight against human trafficking. The campaign also works to fight misperceptions that human trafficking does not occur in our own cities, that most victims are foreign (93% of victims in Canada are Canadian citizens), and that victims come from all backgrounds/walks of life. There are more people enslaved in human trafficking than there has ever been in human history. By attending IAWP 2018, you can find out about this powerful campaign and how you can make a difference in Canada or abroad.

Visit IAWP 2018 for more information on the conference and how you can experience a live performance by one of Canada’s most legendary entertainers!

For more information on the #notinmycity campaign please visit:

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