Leading Change: Working Towards Reconciliation

Leading Change: Working Towards Reconciliation

The 5th Annual Calgary Police Service Round Dance is a cultural celebration with Indigenous communities to help build trust, awareness, understanding and relationships with the police service.

The event was hosted by Constable Cindy Provost, a 20-year member of the Calgary Police Service and member of the Blackfoot people.

“This celebration really brings tears to my eyes. I’m so humbled and so grateful for the opportunity to share the best parts of my Blackfoot culture, our Indigenous cultures” -Constable Cindy Provost.

The event works towards the goal of reconciliation with Indigenous communities in Calgary and across North America. This year, another focus of the event was to give Indigenous youth an opportunity to connect with their culture and others in their community. While this is just the start to gaining positive relationships, it paves the way towards further advancements and healing. This was also the first year that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took part. Supt. Trevor Daroux, the RCMP’s chief superintendent with national Aboriginal policing and crime prevention, was in attendance all the way from Ottawa.

The Calgary Police Service also assisted with another round dance shortly after this event by helping serve food to hundreds of guests and speaking with members of the community. Events such as these allow people from all different backgrounds the opportunity to share and appreciate Indigenous culture, celebrations, and traditions. The Calgary Police Service is thankful to the community to be given the honour of participating in their celebrations.

Info and Image: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-police-round-dance-2017-1.4430556


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