Companion Program Information

Companion Program Information

Are you having your significant other or other family members attend the IAWP 2018?

IAWP has a variety of events and tours to help you and your companions make the most of their visit to Calgary. Companions can attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, IAWP Awards Lunch, and the Gala Evening. Companions can also register to be part of the Youthlink Welcome Reception at our impressive and interactive police museum, which is unlike any other in North America. Travel companions can also partake in 3 days of tours that highlight some of the best sights and activities in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Day 1: choose between visiting Heritage Park, which allows you to step back into Alberta’s past; or, if that isn’t far back enough in time, join our second option in Drumheller, home of some of the most exquisite prehistoric landscapes and fossils in the world.

Day 2: take a step on the wild side at the Calgary Zoo or suit up and explore the Columbia Ice Fields.

Lastly, on Day 3: take in the beautiful Rockies in one of North America’s first National Parks on a Banff Gondola and Town tour or try your skills on the Luge and Zipline at Canada Olympic Plaza and view a number of cultural exhibits at Fort Calgary.

Make the most of your trip to Calgary by joining in on IAWP 2018’s Companion Program!

Please note that there will be limited pick up locations for the companion events.

For more information visit: IAWP Companion Program





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