Sheldon Kennedy Centre: A First of its Kind

Sheldon Kennedy Centre: A First of its Kind

Sheldon Kennedy has been a strong advocate for victims of child abuse and has devoted his post-NHL career to preventing child abuse and educating others about it as well. Kennedy bravely came forward to share his story of abuse in 1996 and has since worked towards leading change in organized sports.

In 2013, the Child Advocacy Centre was renamed the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. More than 95 professionals under six different organizations work collectively to respond to instances of child abuse. Having professionals from many different areas such as social service and health agencies, the justice system, and police services assists in speeding up the process of helping children. As of September 30, 2017, the Sheldon Kennedy Centre has worked an average of 124 cases per month, and assessed 6,665 children in the previous 54 months. The Sheldon Kennedy Centre was also the first in Canada to use an integrated practice format which is now used as an international model.

Sheldon Kennedy now works on the board of the Sheldon Kennedy Centre and is a co-founder of Respect Group, Inc., whose vision “is to eliminate bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination by inspiring a global culture of respect.”

Do not miss the opportunity to hear Sheldon Kennedy speak at IAWP 2018! For more information on Sheldon Kennedy or any of the other keynote speakers, please click here.


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