Studies Show Female Police Officers Benefit to Services

Studies Show Female Police Officers Benefit to Services

The following studies: “Do Female Officers Improve Law Enforcement Quality? Effects on Crime Reporting and Domestic Violence Escalation” and “Hiring & Retaining More Women: The Advantages to Law Enforcement Agencies.”, conclude that female officers have a multitude of benefits for the police services that employ them.

The first study used victimization data to support the findings that an increase in female officers resulted in significantly higher reporting rates for violent crimes against women. It has also been shown that female officers prevent domestic violence from escalating and increased female representation has provided for substantial decreases in the degree of repeated domestic abuse cases and intimate partner homicides.

Evidence from the later study demonstrated that male and female officers are found to be equally competent in performing their duties and that female officers use less excessive force and are more likely to utilize “community-oriented policing”. The study also showed that agencies with more female officers provided for an enhanced response to violence against women, and found a reduction in sex discrimination and harassment within a service.

Research shows that having more women in law enforcement bring benefits to fellow female and male officers, their law enforcement agency, and the areas they serve as a whole.


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